A BRIDE-TO-BE has horrified the internet after revealing she plans to overcharge wedding guests for booze.

The bride explained it would be a way to “recoup costs” from the big day, but took to Reddit for advice after one of her bridesmaids said it was “incredibly tacky”.

 The bride said charging "moderate prices" would help them "recoup costs"


The bride said charging “moderate prices” would help them “recoup costs”Credit: Getty – Contributor

Writing on Reddit, the bride explained she had already managed to secure much of the wedding “for free” including venue, food and band.

But despite this, she explained her and her fiance had come up with the idea of “doing a cash bar” and selling drinks at “moderate prices” to recoup any other costs.

“OK so me and my fiance are getting married next year and like many people our age we are pretty grossed out by the wedding industry and are trying to keep our wedding as cheap as possible,” she said.

“So for example, we are having the ceremony and reception at my uncle’s farm (free of charge) out in the country, my good friend from college who owns a catering business agreed to do our catering for free as a wedding gift, and my fiance’s good friends with a band that will play at our wedding for free also as a wedding gift.

 The bride took to Reddit for advice


The bride took to Reddit for adviceCredit: Reddit

“We got my dress and his suit from Goodwill and got them altered. Everything said and done we will be paying less than $2k (£1,500) for our wedding.

“Now we get to the alcohol. We’re having a semi-big wedding (150 people – we have a ton of friends and family coming from all over) and the idea of paying for all of that booze is making us stressed out.

“It’d be at least $1k (£800). We thought about it and decided to do a cash bar.

“We figured we could buy the booze and pay one of my cousins to be bartender for the night, and we realised we could probably recoup some of our costs on the other wedding expenses by charging moderate prices for drinks – win-win!

“We were set on this idea until I brought it up with one of my bridesmaids and she flipped out and said that would be incredibly tacky.

“I was sort of taken aback by this. I’ve looked online and cash bars at weddings are pretty common.

“It seems ridiculous to pay to get everyone drunk. My other friends and family seem pretty split and I’m starting to wonder if this is actually a faux pas.”

 Other users were horrified


Other users were horrifiedCredit: Reddit
 One said they were surprised the couple had "150 friends"


One said they were surprised the couple had “150 friends”Credit: Reddit

And other users were horrified at the bride’s plans, with one asking: “How do you have 150 friends?”

While another said: “If you want a big wedding, don’t be cheap. If you are cheap, elope.”

Another pointed out: “There’s nothing wrong with a cash bar at a wedding like this, but it is tacky to overcharge your guests and try to make a profit.

“I don’t know if she’s deliberately misinterpreted what her bridesmaid said or not.

“Also I hate when people brag about how little they spent only to find out that they did so because they got everything for free.

“She’s still having a big expensive wedding, just at the cost of her friends free labour.”

Another commented: “So you already saved tons and want the guests to pay for the £2k you have spent? This is tacky as hell. How cheap can you get.”

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