Draped in bright embroidered dresses, every woman looks forward to the biggest day of her life: her wedding. Well, with a grand day, it’s only appropriate to have a grand bridal entry. We have compiled some of the most magical and relatable bridal accessories for you. Whether you’re a bride or a bridesmaid helping choose the wedding outfit, check out our comprehensive accessory list below.

1.      Maang Tikka

Nowadays, several kinds of maang tikkas are available. Choose one that accentuates your outfit. For unconventional options, elaborate headgear or simply mattha pattis and jhoomar can complete your look. Moreover, The nawabi style, with the tikka worn sideways, never goes out of fashion. Show off your adaayein in this grand accessory.

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2.      Statement rings

Who does not like oversized, chunky rings? To be honest, this is one of the most trending accessories nowadays. A magnificent ring on your hand will enhance your already complete look. You can choose from vivid shapes, colours, and styles to blend with your wedding dress. All you have to do is wave your hands to show this beautifying accessory. Let your hand boast of beautifying your already complete look.

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3.      Anklets

Ornate your feet with a delicate chain with hanging bells that tinkles softly when the bride walks down the aisle. Boasting of femininity, the payal or anklet is a must-have accessory for every Indian bride. When adorned with gracefully dark mehendi, your feet will make a pleasing sound apart from looking gorgeous in classic payal. You may choose amongst a plethora of choices which include traditional ones or contemporary ones laden with colourful beads and stones.

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4.      Nose Pin

A tradition that has been followed for ages, an Indian bride looks incomplete without a huge, round nose pin. This accessory has been an unchangeable part of the bridal ensemble. These days, not all women have their nose pierced so they opt for innovative designs of the advanced ‘press’ nose pins. You can adorn your nose with gold or diamond studs or classy ring with a beaded chain connecting to the earring.

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