I’ve had a long few months. Between attending friends’ weddings, planning my own, and working nonstop, I’ve been feeling stressed enough to spend money on a book about managing stress instead of what I really want to spend money on, which is a margarita the size of my head. The worst part? I haven’t even had time to read the book.

And that stress has been announcing its presence in some pretty not-so-cute ways, like one nomadic breakout that traveled from my temples to my forehead to my cheeks before finally petering out and leaving me with dark spots. My nails are brittle and unpolished, and I would tell you more about my lack of sleep but frankly, I’m too tired.

In lieu of picking up and moving to a remote island, I turned to Glow Habit™’s vegan beauty supplements, adding them to my daily routine. They’re not only free of gluten, soy, and artificial flavors, but they come in the form of gummies. Usually, the gummies I eat are pure sugary trash, so getting them with nutrients (!) and vitamins (!) is a huge bonus.

Here’s what I learned.

1. Skin Improves From The Inside Out

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I embarked on my mission, starting with Glow Habit™’s Good Skin Habit Gummy Vitamins. Filled with hyaluronic acid (loved for its ability to draw and retain moisture) and vitamin C (a potent, skin-brightening antioxidant), they’re basically an edible version of my skincare routine.

After starting on this delicious daily regimen, the effects began rolling in. I noticed that my skin became calmer and softer — a big deal, especially since an aesthetician recently informed me that my skin is way over-exfoliated. (What can I say? I love a peel pad.) Plus my dark spots are fading according to schedule. Maybe it’s my moisturizer, or maybe it’s the extra dose of hyaluronic acid I’m getting.

2. Happy Hair = Healthy Hair


Every morning, I took the Glow Habit™ Happy Hair Habit Vitamins, which are packed with silica (derived from bamboo extract), biotin, vitamins E and C, and amla fruit, all of which work together to help support healthy hair.

I’m one of those people with thick hair that grows really fast (Bless up!), but I also shed so much that my fiancé has to clear the drain once a week, which may or may not be a big part of why I said “yes.” After using the Happy Hair Vitamins, I noticed less hair around my bathroom floor — and, yes, my bathtub drained much quicker.

3. Probiotics Don’t Have To Be A Hassle

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Though this might be a weird thing to get all starry-eyed over — OK, it definitely is — I was especially excited to try the Glow Habit™ Probiotic Habit Gummy Vitamins. I’ve been on a mission to incorporate more probiotics into my diet, but it’s hard. I bought a giant jar of sauerkraut in hopes that I’d become a sauerkraut person, but as it turns out, sauerkraut is no good without a hog dog underneath it.

The gummies were a deliciously easy way to add probiotics into my diet, no fermented food necessary.

4. Restful Sleep Is Actually Possible

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At night, I took the Glow Habit™ Sleep Well Habit Gummy Vitamins. Shall I count the ways I love thee, melatonin? Our bodies naturally produce melatonin at night, but certain things can slow its production, such as age and light exposure. One study showed that just having a light on nearby can suppress melatonin, which means that my constantly glowing phone screen definitely isn’t helping.

With the help of the Sleep Well gummies, I’ve been sleeping through the night — so much so that I’ve been waking up before my alarm. I know, I know — who am I?

When it comes to my already-packed daily routine, I’m pretty picky about what I add to it. Since beginning the Glow Habit™ beauty gummies, my hair is healthier than ever, my skin looks clear enough that I can switch from heavy foundation back to tinted moisturizer, and I had enough energy today to email a single wedding photographer. I think it’s safe to say that Glow Habit™’s vegan beauty supplements have officially earned their spot in my routine.

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