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“We want kids first,” Mel says. “Marriage is just, well if it happens, it happens. We’d prefer to spend the money on raising kids and having a house.”

However, Jesse reveals that a wedding definitely isn’t off the cards and with auction day coming up, if the couple win big, a walk down the aisle will be right around the corner.

“If we win a bomb on The Block, we’ll have a big wedding,” he admits. “If we don’t, we’ll just wait.”

And when it comes to all the details for their future nuptials, Mel reveals that Jesse will handle all the finer points.

“I hate planning things like that,” she laughs. “Jesse likes that stuff, but he’d probably spend all the money!”

Of course, the couple are starting to get worried about what auction day will have in store for them, but luckily for Jesse, he has some practice. 

Last year, Jesse was the auctioneer for Courtney and Hans apartment, earning the couple a profit of $410,000. Despite being in attendance, the past experience hasn’t eased Mel’s nerves for auction day.

“I am going to be a mess on the day,” she admits. “Last year when Jesse was doing the auction for Hans and Courtney, I was more stressed than them and that wasn’t even my auction!”

Not to mention, the housing market hasn’t been that hot in recent times, adding to the couple’s stress but real estate agent Jesse thinks everyone will be A-OK.

“I’m not sure if you are aware, but I’m always the optimist. So, I think we’re going to do fine,” he says.

But, real estate talk, a lot of things that were making the market uncertain have settled down now. So, fingers crossed we should all be fine at auction day.”

Meanwhile, Jesse and Mel’s fellow contestants Mitch and Mark have been involved in their fair share of scandals over the season, with the most talked-about being when they accused Scott Cam of making homophobic remarks. And now they’ve shocked fans further, revealing that they will never tie the knot, despite the legalisation of same-sex marriage.


New Idea

“We haven’t wanted to [get married],” Mitch tells. “We like the idea of LGBT marriage equality, but it’s not for us.”

Indeed, Mark agrees, that while they are very supportive of same-sex marriage, it’s not something they ever thought could be an option for them.

“The whole debate and same-sex marriage outcome is enormously important,” adds Mark.

“We came from an era, certainly I came from an era, where that was never possible. So, I had to get my head around,Oh my God, we can do that.’ Because I grew up, in an era where that wasn’t possible. So, I think I put it aside going, ‘Well that’s not you, you don’t do that.

The Blocks $3 million wins, splits & scandals


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The season faves shocked fans by revealing that they had split earlier this year after 13 years of marriage, with Dea claiming she was blindsided.

Total winnings: $935,000


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This team wasn’t without scandal, including being fined $500 for using tools after hours.

Total winnings: $815,000


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This season was rocked by leaked nude pics, partying and even contestant Suzi Taylor being whisked away in an ambulance.

Total winnings: $755,000


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In 2015, the couple called it quits on their relationship just 14 months after winning The Block.

Total winnings: $736,000


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Sara was involved in a cheating scandal when she called her ‘wallpaper lady’ for design tips, breaking the ‘no help from outside designers’ rule.

Total winnings: $645,000

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