Don’t Tell The Bride viewers reckon they’ve seen the ‘worst wedding ever’ unfold, following last night’s episode of the long-running reality series.

Groom Steve had thought he’d smashed it out of the park when he arranged for his bride-to-be Leona to marry him inside a cave – for a Wild West-themed affair, no less.

Leona had been after something elegant, telling the cameras hopefully: “My dream wedding would be a woodland setting, white and lilies everywhere, really elegant fairly lights all twinkling in the background.”

She added: “I would like something very classy and sophisticated.”

Sounds lovely, right? Only thing is, she got the complete opposite after Steve splashed out £13,000 for them to exchange vows in a dark, damp cave before heading onto a cowboy-themed reception.

Yee-haw! Credit: Channel 4
Yee-haw! Credit: Channel 4

Explaining what he had in mind for the big day, Steve said: “I want a western film wedding in true film fashion with a brilliant cliffhanger ending.

“It’s my chance to show her she can trust me.”

Leona and Steve. Credit: Channel 4
Leona and Steve. Credit: Channel 4

With no suitable caves nearby in Leeds, Steve wanted his guests to travel more than 100 miles away – which unsurprisingly didn’t go down well, especially as it transpired Leona’s aged grandad would have to sleep in a bunk bed.

All the guests were told to sort their own accommodation, too, just to add insult to injury.

Eventually, all of Leona’s relatives apart from her dad refused to take part in their big day, and headed home – her mum breaking down in tears at the prospect of having to scale through a mine to watch her daughter get married, and refusing to go inside.

As she made the 15-minute journey to the centre of the cave, a ‘devastated’ Leona said: “Oh God, I don’t want to do this.

“All my family are down there and I’m getting married in front of all of his family.”

Two unhappy bridesmaids in the dresses Steve chose. Credit: Channel 4
Two unhappy bridesmaids in the dresses Steve chose. Credit: Channel 4

She then told Steve: “It is very unique but you know for a fact I don’t like climbing or mining or any confined spaces.”

Viewers were about as impressed as Leona’s family, with one saying online it was ‘the worst wedding’ they’d ever seen.

Someone else said: Watching Don’t Tell The Bride and I question what goes through men’s brains, he made her rock climb in a cave with wedding dress on to get to him, then their reception in a cheap room with cans of foster and paper plates, didn’t invite her family either… I’d be walking out.”

A third wrote: “I know #DontTellTheBride weddings are meant to be different but that was a shambles… and where did the money go? What was the altercation? Really really bad. Poor girl.”

Christmas is gonna be an awkward one this year, eh Steve?

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