Wedding proposal! As soon as one hears these two words, one goes into fantasy land. They think of every possible way to make this moment special and unique. Take a look at some unconventional ways to propose your prospective future partner in the most romantic way.

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A date on a beach:

This is a classic way of proposing your partner, which has been a favourite of many since ages. All you need to do is rent a corner on a private beach, and set up a dinner date with the utmost beautiful and dreamy setting. The setting can include a number of mushy things- from a carpet filled with roses, a bottle of expensive champagne to a live band playing soft, soothing music. The best part about this sort of wedding proposal is high chances of accepting the proposal from the person you love. This is because they realise the amount of time and efforts you’ve put in setting up such an illustrious date.

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Surprise flash mob:

Sounds crazy, right!  Wedding proposal with a surprise flash mob for someone whom you love from the depths of your heart, can be a great idea. Even though it might be a little harsh on your pocket, but the reaction on your partner’s face will be priceless. Nowadays one can arrange a flash mob simply by a click. The only thing that you need to make sure is that your partner is present at the location and that you plan the flash mob at the right time. A flash mob consists of several dancers, who suddenly start performing for the people around them, to put across an important message. Prepare a flash mob sequence on the favourite songs of your loved one, and towards the end, surprise them with a ring on your knees. With such an impressive wedding proposal, be hopeful for a yes.

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A Treasure Hunt to the ring:

What is more exciting than a wedding proposal that involves a treasure hunt. If your partner is fond of adventures or is one who likes finding clues, then this is the best type of wedding proposal for her/him. Plan this proposal by leaving some clues at regular intervals on your partner’s way to meet you. These clues might be in their car, on a coffee table or with a stranger helping him/her find the answers. As much as this idea sounds fascinating, it is equally difficult to plan and execute it. But once planned successfully, it is very much likely to work in your favour.

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