All things a bride on a budget needs to know

All things a bride on a budget needs to know&nbsp

Key Highlights

  • Shopping for your wedding day clothes and jewellery can be daunting and very heavy on your pocket
  • Fret no more. We have the perfect solution for every bride on a budget
  • From low quality gold to silver dipped in gold, there are several options to finish your jewellery shopping in Rs 50,000

The wedding season is upon us and brides-to-be must be a nervous wreck. From fretting over that last acne scar on your cheek to wondering whether your girls will throw you the perfect bachelorette to what mood your beau might be in, the months ahead of your wedding are taxing, an emotional roller coaster and stressful.

But one pressing issue that prevents you from having fun is the amount of money you’re spending on the little things. From an extravagant mathapatti to the necklace that Deepika Padukone donned for her Sindhi wedding, every bride wants to look like pure perfection on her D-Day.

If you’re a bride who’s wedding got finalised at the very last minute or if you’re a laid back bride who didn’t consider shopping for your jewellery until the last minute, we have the perfect solution for you.

Here’s how you can purchase all your wedding jewellery in Rs 50,000: 

  1. Before you step out of your home to shop for your wedding, the first thing to tell yourself is that the aim is to not look like one of the Instagram bloggers who get paid to dress up and look a bit OTT. You need to find a look that suits you and not something that will get you a few extra likes on a social media platform. 
  2. Once you enter a store, check out every option instead of just high-quality gold and diamonds. In your local jewellery store, you can purchase low-quality gold and if your budget is a little lower, you can opt for an elaborate 18k gold plated necklace. It obviously isn’t pure but it’s cheaper and you can purchase a piece that’s chunkier. 
  3. With the influx of online shopping and social media shopping, the availability of silver jewellery has considerably increased for all of us. We spoke to bride-to-be whose wedding got finalised thee weeks go and is slotted to get married on December 2. She revealed that her entire jewellery, from the “chandbalis, Kundan ka haar, maangtika, and payal are silver. “I purchased most of it from an online store and then dipped it in gold. I can’t afford it but I still want to look stunning. The chandbalis, maangtikka, and payal were online purchases that I spent roughly around Rs 15, 560. And I got the Kundan necklace made from a local jeweller who charged around Rs 24,000,” she said. 
  4. There are numerous brands online that give you a variety of options to purchase your wedding jewellery that is made from different metals and semi-precious stones. Giving you a guarantee that the colour doesn’t fade, if you shop from one of these portals during the sale season, you can probably finish your shopping within Rs 30,000. 

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