Everyone wants to have an amazing honeymoon after marrying the person of their dreams, but it doesn’t always turn out this way. There are so many things that could go wrong or mishaps that turn into catastrophes. These unfortunate events can usually be stopped if the happy couple had been aware of certain tips before they started planning.

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We have compiled a list of the mistakes many couples make that lead to a less-than-perfect vacation. It is the start of your new life together, but it doesn’t take much to ruin it, even if you’re visiting a luxurious location. Keep reading to learn about ten mistakes couples make planning their luxury honeymoon.

10 Not Planning Ahead

The best advice anyone will give you is to book your stay earlier than later, especially if you plan on traveling during a busier season. Things can fill up quickly and your perfect honeymoon could turn into a nightmare as you struggle to find places to stay that fit your standards of what you had imagined for you and your significant other.

Many people tend to leave this detail until the last minute as they are busy planning the wedding itself, but you should aim to have your rooms and activities booked around the same time you book your wedding venue.

9 Not Avoiding June Through August

Many people plan to marry in June, July, and August, but you should avoid taking your honeymoon during these months. Kids are out of school during this time and it is when most families like to take a vacation.

You might want a romantic getaway, but you will find yourself surrounded by loud and obnoxious kids whose parents have decided to stop parenting for the entire week. This is also a peak season for travelers as well, so prices will be higher and the number of activities you can do will decrease because of this.

8 Not Using A Travel Agent

It might seem like hiring a travel agent will take a chunk out of your budget, but the opposite is true. Their goal is to help you find the best deals and ensure that your vacation goes well without any bumps along the way.

You will be busy planning the wedding of the ages and it will leave very little time to plot out the perfect honeymoon. A travel agent can handle all of this for you based on your requests and they can usually find better prices due to the vast resources at their disposal.

7 Not Making A Budget

You already know you want a luxury honeymoon, but even this comes with strings attached. You probably dropped a ton of money on the wedding, and the fun continues as you pay thousands of dollars for your stay. It might seem like all is said and done, but several extra expenses can pop up along the way.

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These include things like extra activities not on your itinerary, eating out, tipping, and emergencies. It might not seem like a lot, but these little splurges can add up quickly, especially if you have a habit of being a shopaholic.

6 Not Making Decisions Together

You are starting your life with another person, but the one mistake many couples make is that one person makes all of the honeymoon decisions. It is a partnership, which means that there will probably be some compromises as you decide together what you want to do during your first vacation as a married couple. There might be some fighting or arguing involved during this stage, but anything is better than coming across these issues during your actual honeymoon.

5 Leaving Immediately After The Wedding

A lot of people choose to leave directly from their wedding venue to the flight that will whisk them away from their problems. Unfortunately, what happens most of the time is that the wedding stress stays with them.

You should consider waiting for a few days to leave for your honeymoon so you can give yourself time to wind down and relax before rushing to your next destination. Your vacation might be relaxing and full of scheduled massages, but chances are you still have plans to go on at least one wild adventure.

4 Not Looking At All Of The Included Amenities

You might think that the place you are staying at comes with all the bells and whistles, and you are probably wrong. Even if it is labeled as luxury or all-inclusive, this doesn’t mean that everything is included in your initial tab.

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There might be a complementary massage or an exhilarating zipline ride, but some other things like that mud facial or swimming with the dolphins will probably cost you extra. It is important to research your venue beforehand to see what exactly is offered in your preferred package and if it is right for you, despite your large budget.

3 Not Getting Travel Insurance

Travel insurance might seem like an unnecessary added expense, but it protects your costly investment. This could cover anything from a delayed suitcase to lost passports, and they help in case of any emergencies.

It also covers you if you happen to become sick before your planned vacation and the company won’t give you a refund. This might not be necessary for smaller trips, but those that you would define as luxury should definitely consider it.

2 Booking Under Your New Name

It is understandable that you might be excited to change your last name to match that of your partner’s, but don’t put it on your travel information. Any tickets you purchase for airlines, trains, and cruises usually have to match the name on your passport, driver’s license, or other identifying information papers.

If they don’t match, then chances are that you won’t be able to travel, or you will accrue a hefty fine for the inconvenience to the company. Neither of these situations is ideal, so just make sure to do the right thing and use your old last name on the paperwork.

1 Not Choosing The Trip That’s Right For You

Your family and friends have probably told you how much fun they had on their honeymoon to places all across the world, but no two couples are alike. You can take their recommendations into account, and mold them to be what you have dreamt up in your head.

The luxury vacation at a five-star resort that they recommend might not suit the plans for the Las Vegas trip you had in mind. It can be stressful and a difficult decision, and in the end, you will want to be happy on the trip of your dreams with your significant other by your side.

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