His passion for photography is so intense that he gave up an offer for a government job, and also refused to set sail for foreign shores as a merchant navy officer. But 24-year-old Sourav Maity has no regrets and has been pursuing photography as a career since 2017, with the sole hope of being a good cinematographer one day.

Lensman Sourav Maity

“I want to accumulate enough money to fund an expensive eight-week course in cinematography at one of the ace schools called Met Film School in Berlin. Hence, I am working overtime to save enough money,” shares the lensman.

Besides doing portfolio and ad shoots, Sourav also does a lot of fashion and promo shoots for big media and production houses. He’s also into wedding photography and loves discovering new faces. “My aim as a photographer has always been to use creative lights, and follow the cardinal rules of using a camera while taking different frames in unique tones,” explains Sourav.

Model Pinkey Sindhe

As for the four models featured in his column, Sourav feels that Pinkey needs to work on her expressions.“The best part about her is that she makes an effort,” says Sourav. Shilpa, with whom he did a brand hoarding shoot, possesses sharp features, but he feels she tends to get a bit overconfident, at times. “Shakshi looks good, but she needs to shed her nervousness before the camera. Priyanka is a seasoned model, and she has no inhibitions and knows exactly what the camera wants,” he adds.

Sourav Maity can be reached at 8334985799 or souravmaityphotography@gmail.com Insta handle: sourav3934

Priyanka Dey

Priyanka Dey | Age: 26. Height: 5 ft 6 inches

A fledgeling actor and a model, Priyanka loves wearing all kinds of attires, but the sari remains her all-time favourite. “When I have shoots or meetings, I wear casuals like jeans and a tee or palazzos, hot pants, capris or A-liner dresses because they are comfortable and stylish. I like simple and stylish clothes, and I don’t like wearing make-up at all when I’m not working. It’s just a lip balm and kajal for me,” says the model, who also loves collecting sunglasses in various shapes and sizes, apart from sports watches. Among her saris, she prefers linen and cotton as well as sequinned chiffons. Her all-time favourite colour is black, and she also loves pink and white.

Instagram handle: @piku_priyanka_dey

Pinkey Sindhe

Pinkey Sindhe | Age 27. Height: 5 ft 3 inches

Pursuing full-time modelling for some years now, Pinkey loves experimenting with her looks. “I love fusion wear and match palazzos with kurtis or crop tops and pairs saris with wide-neck blouses,” says Pinkey, who loves wearing jeans and tees or track pants and jogger pants with shirt tops. Her favourite colours include red, black and white.

For parties or a day out with friends, the bubbly girl prefers wearing short, body con dresses in mostly dark colours like black and maroon, besides neon. “I also like floral prints both large and small, and when the occasion calls for traditional outfits, it’s always a sari for me in chiffon or handlooms,” she adds, saying that she loves pairing saris with jhumkas. Among accessories, she likes her shoes, and she also likes to keep her make-up natural when she’s not working.

Instagram handle: @pinkeyshinde

Shakshi Roy

Shakshi Roy | Age 20. Height: 5 ft 4 inches

This first-year student of geography wants to be a model and an actor in the future, and her style choices consist primarily of ethnic wear like churidars, anarkalis and patialas. She also likes to wear tight-fit jeans with tops and her favourite colours are black, blue and white.

“I love wearing chandelier oxidised earrings and high-heels. My make-up is usually very light, and I use a basic foundation and concealer, and a nude or red lip shade and light kajal,” shares the softspoken girl, who loves reading Satyajit Roy novels and ghost stories.

Instagram handle: @shakshi_roy

Shilpa Mondal

Shilpa Mondal | Age: 23. Height: 5 ft 6.5 inches

This second-year postgraduation student aspires to be an actor and loves to keep her fashion choices very minimalistic in style. Shilpa Mondal’s choice of comfort wear on any regular day comprises tight, bodycon dresses and denim crop tops with high waist pants.

“I am obsessed with converse shoes in different colours but I think I am in love with all shades of blue. For formal occasions too it has to be Western attires for me, either floral long dresses or something similar. I also wear saris but I try to drape them differently to look cool and wear tops with them instead of typical blouses,” tells Shilpa. For make-up, it’s only sunscreen and matte lipsticks in dark shades for this pretty young thing.

Instagram handle: @shilpa_ loves_you

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