It’s November and the wedding season has arrived. And with that there also a lot of confusion about what to wear, makeup and hair design. Dressing up appropriately takes a lot of planning and is most definitely stressful. Being bride makes it only more stressful. After all, you need to look your best in this special day.

However, a perfect dress and makeup and a hair spa isn’t just enough. Hair is perhaps the last thing that comes to mind and it becomes even more difficult to choose the perfect hairdo for your big day.

When it’s comes to wedding day hair, there are so many varieties of hairstyles that one is left confused. Should I leave my hair open or should I go for an updo? Will my hair get messed up if I leave it loose? How will I look in the photographs with this hairdo? These are just a few of the many questions that every bride worries about when they are deciding on their wedding look.  Sunday POST speaks to a few hair stylists to help would-be brides to choose the perfect hairdo for their special day.

Keonjhar-based beautician and hair designer Aishwariya Das says, that most Indian brides struggle when it comes to managing their hair on the wedding day.

“Most Indian weddings are traditional. So, when you have to put a ghungat it might become a shade difficult to manage your hair. The best option is to go for a criss-cross flower bun. It looks perfect under the ghungat and will also keep your hair neatly in place,” says Aishwarya.

She also says that irrespective of the hairstyle one chooses, flowers are a must as part of the ensemble to make it look complete. “Those who have curls can go for an open curly hair design. The hairstyle is easy to do with the use of some simple styling combs and bit of hairspray to hold the ensemble,” she adds.

However, a lot of would-be brides are confused whether to tie their hair or go for an open hairstyle.

Beautician Little Patra from Bhubaneswar suggests a simple open hairstyle for the bride. In fact, she says that an open curly hairstyle not only looks good on the bride but also on anyone attending a wedding party “This hairstyle go great with both sarees and suits. It’s easy to do with a little effort and also easy to carry. Besides, you can also try south Indian hair deigns. They look beautiful when completed with some flower,” says Little.

“You can also do a beautiful braid and put some fresh garlands in it and complete the style with a maang tika. The easy and beautiful design gives a unique look to every bride. Take two sections of hair from the crown area. Let the bangs at the side be as they are. Keep the bangs separate. Take a styling comb and tease the hair at the crown. Take a curling iron and curl up the tresses. Use a medium hold hair spray to make the hairstyle stay as it is,” she adds.

Aishwarya too says that the best hair design this season is to simply keep the hair open. It is simple and easy to manage. “Adorn the centre with a beautiful maang tika studded with bright stones to further enhance the look. Those attending bridal functions like engagement and reception parties too can attempt this. Besides, long-braided hair style is another beautiful design for any Indian bride. If you have long hair then you can try out this look. Make a braid which is neither too loose nor too tight. To make it more beautiful you may add nice pearl beaded strands and some nice pins with pearl heads. Lastly, complete it with a heavy maang tika. The hair design suits any face shape and is ideal for any season,” she says.

That said, many brides consciously avoid keeping open hair on their wedding day. Buns have been in fashion for long and also a safe bet. It looks elegant and will give you a gorgeous look if embellished with some fresh flowers. Sanjeev, who is one of the most prominent hair stylists in the Odia film industry today, says, “Buns can never go out of fashion and is a favorite with most Indian brides. There are so many bun styles that can be taken for the wedding look. A simple bun with accessories looks very beautiful in a bridal costume.  Braid is another simple yet stylish hair design that anyone can go for. South Indians normally prefer braids with decoration all over it,” he says, adding, “If you have long and strong hair, then a braid can give you the perfect look one your wedding. The ideal thing to do is to wear a south Indian saree with a long braid. It will definitely enhance the beauty to your face.”

Having long hair is always a bonus as a lot of experiment can be done with it. However, those who don’t have long hair can go for false hair to try out something new on their wedding day.

Sanjeev says that it is better to use a barrel curler and then pinn up the hair in short curls. “If you love accessories, then sport a small single piece at the side of your head. This will give style you a different look and a good choice for both your engagement and wedding reception. You can also try out messy strokes on your hair. Place a ring of flowers around it or a simple head accessory that will give you a pop star look, he says,” says Sanjeev.

Little says that curls in hair give a gorgeous and traditional look to the bride. “To get this look, go for some loose bouncy curls. Pin up the front half of the hair in a small puff at the back of your head. Let the rest of your curls fall open. If you want to up the style quotient, place all your open hair on one side of the shoulder. You are free to decide which side goes best with your face and costume,” adds Little.

Aishwarya too suggest a curly messy braided hairstyle. It’s both uncommon and also an adventurous option. “It’s easy to do when you have a long hair. If you don’t have but you want this hairstyle, there is false hair available in market. You can use some side bangs to make them look sweeter. This will add glam to your bridal hairstyle. To enhance the look, you can always use extra accessories including a frontal maang tika.  Flowers too are a great option,” she adds.

Messy hairstyles are a trendy fashion these days. If you have medium length hair, half-up-half-down style goes best, says Sanjeev. “You may curl the lower sections of your hair in messy curls. You can make a puff in half hair and put a big bold maang tika in it. Leave the rest of the hair open. You can try this hairstyle even in short hair. Get long wavy curls to your hair. Pull them all up behind the head and tie them up with a messy look at the crown. You can get a delicate stone studded head piece around the hair to make the entire ensemble look gorgeous,” says Sanjeev.”

One of the hot hairstyles this season, Aishwarya says, one need depend upon a hairstylist to get this look. “You have to make a simple half up, half down style and fix a maang tika in the centre. For a better look take that red dupatta over your head” she says.


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