The last decade has been insanely successful in the TV show realm. Viewers were introduced to shows that pushed boundaries and struck up a ton of emotions. It feels like all we did this decade was cry over TV deaths, accomplishments, and characters who broke molds. It looks like we have a lot to look forward to in the next decade but before we get too excited, we have put together a list of some of TV’s most profound, heartbreaking, and shocking plot twists of the last decade. Be warned this article may provide a few spoilers, so read at your own risk.

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10 The Bad Place – The Good Place

The Good Place isn’t really a twisty kind of show. It’s about a girl who dies and her life in heaven. From the onset, everyone is confused as to why someone like Eleanor could even make it to the Good Place. She swears, she’s loud and when she was alive, she was pretty mean. It made so much more sense when Eleanor and the gang find out that they are actually in the Bad Place. When Michael’s normally cheerful smile turns to this sinister creepy one, we were all shocked. What does this mean for all of us who think we are going to he Good Place later in life?

9 Nell Is The Bent-Neck Lady – The Haunting Of Hill House

The Haunting of Hill House had fans on the edge of their seats and scared straight. We wanted to know who all of these ghosts were, what happened to them and why specific ones haunted particular people. Especially Nell, who couldn’t shake the Bent-Neck Lady. She followed her everywhere even long after they moved out of Hill House and grew up. Fans were stunned when Nell went back to the house and committed suicide. The next time we saw her, it turned out that she was the Bent-Neck Lady. Little Nellie been haunting herself this entire time. We can’t even think about it anymore, moving on. 

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8 The Red Wedding – Game Of Thrones

We all thought that maybe, just maybe, for one night the Starks could have a joyous evening. A night to celebrate. Robb Stark was getting married and his new wife, Talisa was with child. These are happy things to celebrate. Instead, their wedding was turned into a bloody massacre. Robb, Talisa, and his mother Catelyn were all murdered brutally, with Talisa being stabbed in the stomach to ensure not only her death but her child’s death as well. It was a mess that would top the list of ultimate betrayals on TV.

7 Who Really Killed Those Girls – Sharp Objects

In Sharp Objects, the mystery was about who murdered all those precious girls. All those lives were taken too soon. Unfortunately, the wrong person went to jail. Camille’s mom ended up taking the fall and for the most part, we all thought she did it. She had proven herself to be a little out of control and had Munchausen By Proxy. It made sense that she murdered those girls, as she was obsessed with her daughter Amma and wanted to do everything to protect her. When we all found out that Amma was the real murderer, we were left shocked and without a real resolution. 

6 They Were All Dead – Lost

In Lost, fans were promised that the show would not end with the entire cast being dead. But what were we left with? One by one as we watched in anticipation to see who else would be walking into this pristine looking church. We were surprised that essentially the entire main cast was there and then some. Then it hits us they all look so well put together, they hadn’t aged, and they looked so happy, which was opposite to how they looked on the island and in the flash-sideways. They all eventually died, even the ones we watched get off the island. This was what most people expected happened but we were told it wouldn’t end this way, right?

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5 Trinity Killer Gets Rita – Dexter

So you may be thinking if Dexter didn’t care, why should we? Dexter did care. Rita might have been the only girl who Dexter had real feelings for (as much feelings as a serial killer can have). She was the one for him and because Dexter was so relentless in pursuing the Trinity Killer to the very end, he endangered the life of his family. His son also suffered the same fate that he did as a child, sitting in his mom’s pool of blood and possibly witnessing her actual death. 

4 Jax Kills Gemma – Sons Of Anarchy

No one ever thought the day would come. Jax and Gemma were the only members of their family that were left after his brother died from a heart condition and his father was murdered by Clay. They were tight and even when he didn’t like some of the things she did, he still stuck by her and in some cases, took her side. When she murdered Tara, no one saw what would be coming next. Jax murdered his mother to avenge his wife. The scene was sad and ruthless. We were shocked that he finally had the guts to stand up to his mother and her meddling ways.

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3 Kendall’s Betrayal – Succession

Kendall has been turned into somewhat of a prodigal son, the one who Logan saw as a sure bet. He even gave him a lot of control over the business. But Kendall betrayed him, he strayed and lost everything. When Logan finally let him in again, it was only because he knew he had all he needed to control him. He made it seem like he was helping Kendall out after he killed that kid while trying to get high. In a way, he was helping him but he was also kind of taking advantage. So when Kendall was set to take the fall for the cruises debacle, no one expected what he did next. He turned on his father at a press conference that Waystar Royco called. We can’t wait to see how this affects Roy and Co in season three. 

2 Jack And Rebecca Are The Big Three’s Parents – This Is Us

Fans thought they were sitting in for stories of separate people who may intertwine with one another. But we thought for sure the scenes that took place in the past were never to mesh with the scenes of the current day. We were all shocked to find out that the young couple named Jack and Rebecca were the parents of the three main characters. How did any of this make sense, especially because one of the people claiming to be apart of the triplets was African American?  When it was all explained, not only were we shocked, we even cried a little. 

1 Wes Was The Dead Body In Annalise’s House – How To Get Away With Murder

Watching Annalise scream in pain (and terror) was enough to make us panic. We didn’t know why she was screaming with such pain, we didn’t know who died in her house and we had to wait a long time to find out. When we finally saw Wes’ charred body on that autopsy table we nearly screamed as deeply and sadly as Annalise did. It was a tough pill to swallow. Besides Annalise, the show focused mostly on Wes so we were taken aback that they would kill off a main character in such a horrific way. 

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