Is he fighting with his mom?

TLC’s latest big, unconventional family has been taking TV by storm. Welcome to Plathville features the Plaths, a Georgia family with 9 kids who live on a 55-acre farm where they can be on their own “slice of heaven.”

They limit their contact with technology and they focus on things like music and farm work as they raise the children. 

Parents Kim and Barry brag that they isolate their kids from influences they don’t think fit with their conservative Christian ideology. They homeschool their kids, just like other TLC family, the Duggars.

The family proudly tells audiences that television and the internet are strictly limited in their home. They don’t let their kids have sugar, saying their brood didn’t even know what soda tastes like.

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But it’s impossible for even the most religious people to prevent their kids from growing up and going their own way — and that’s exactly what’s happening with eldest Plath son, Ethan. (Not to mention their oldest daughter, Hosanna.)

Twenty-one-year-old Ethan got married a year ago to Olivia. While she’s also a Christian, she’s far less conservative than Ethan’s parents and that has caused friction within the family. Ethan is caught in the middle of his family and his wife.

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