WASHINGTON – Charlotte Pence had always dreamed of holding her future wedding reception at her parents’ house. She just never imagined that it would be the vice presidential residence.

This holiday season, Pence, 26, will be the first vice presidential offspring since Karenna Gore to celebrate a marriage at the residence located on the grounds of the U.S. Naval Observatory.

“I just really like the idea of family all being in someone’s home, around a wedding,” Pence told USA TODAY. “And it’s special to me that it’ll be a fact that people might talk about in the future…people that come to visit the house or live here in the future.”

The ceremony itself will be in the chapel of the Naval Academy in Annapolis, the alma mater of her fiancée, Henry Bond, 27, who comes from a long line of Navy families.

Plus, the academy is one of the first places the couple visited when they started dating.

Vice President Mike Pence's daughter Charlotte talks exclusively to USA TODAY about her upcoming wedding.

Pence was introduced to Bond through her brother, Michael, a pilot in the Marine Corps who shared a Bible studies class with Bond when both were in flight school training in Mississippi.

During Pence’s frequent phone calls to her brother to talk politics, religion and philosophy, Michael Pence kept interjecting that he’d just had a similar conversation with his friend Bond.

“He started conspiring a little with his wife, talking about how Henry really reminded them of me,” Charlotte Pence said. So her brother and sister-in-law introduced them at their own 2017 wedding celebration in Indiana.

“Henry and I just shared a lot of the same views about life and faith and I think that they were excited to see if anything happened,” she said.

Bond proposed to Pence in July, an event she shared on her Instagram account with a photo of the couple along with the caption: “I said ‘yes,’ and then I said ‘thanks’ a lot because I didn’t know what else to say. I love you. Let’s do this.”

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Because they wanted to marry before Bond deploys next year, the pair didn’t have much time to plan a wedding. Texts have been flying among family members for months.

“Even with everybody’s busy schedules, we’ve all talked every day about it,” she said.

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