Rakshit Desai, Managing Director, FCM Travel Solutions India, Flight Centre Travel Group Australia’s Indian subsidiary, answers your questions on Travel — howtos, trends, recommendations and more. Send in your questions to: askrakshit@in.fcm.travel.

I am an Indian passport holder and have an Australian visa. I am travelling from Mumbai to Melbourne via Kuala Lumpur with a long layover. Which Visa do you recommend to enter Malaysia?

If you plan to leave the airport in Kuala Lumpur during your layover and explore the city, I would suggest you get a visa before your departure from Mumbai. Alternatively, you can get an “On Arrival Transit Visa” when you land in Malaysia, although its successful issuing will depend on your immigration officer.

I and my partner have our wedding towards end of April 2020. Basis our research we understood that it would be a good time to visit Europe. Can you help us select some good destinations and an itinerary?

Europe has now become a year-round destination and there are many beautiful countries to choose from for your holiday. Based on your holiday duration and interests, you can choose which destinations and route to follow. In Western Europe some of the popular ones include France, Switzerland, Austria, Belgium, Netherlands, Italy, Spain, and Germany. You can also choose to visit the Scandinavian countries of Norway, Denmark and Finland which are known for their stunning scenic beauty. Similarly, Hungary, Czech Republic, and Slovakia in Eastern Europe offer great cultural experiences. I would also recommend that you contact a reputable travel agency who will be able to curate an itinerary based on your preferences.

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For an offbeat cultural experience, consider the Balkan nations like Croatia, Bulgaria and Albania for your next vacation.

I am planning a trip to Africa with my parents (aged 60) and sister around July next year. We want to see the wild beast migration, big 5 and Victoria Falls. We also want to do adventure activities like kayaking with crocodiles, swimming with sharks etc. Can you suggest which countries we need to travel to for 12-15 days, the budget, visa requirements and if we need to get any vaccinations?

To see the Wildebeest migration, Northern Tanzania and Kenya are your prime destinations in Africa. It is a spectacular event and one of the best viewing experiences of the Big 5. However, the adventure activities that you are keen on like diving with sharks are available in South Africa. Some of these activities can be intense so I would advise you to keep your parents’ age in consideration. You would need e-visa for Kenya & Tanzania and sticker visa from South African Embassy before you travel. Keep in mind that confirmation of Safari is necessary to obtain visa for Tanzania. Yellow Fever and Polio vaccinations are mandatory for travel to Kenya and Tanzania and I recommend you discuss about other appropriate vaccinations with a medical professional. As for the budget, it will vary depending on the destinations and accommodation.

I’m a senior citizen and would like to visit UAE and Saudi Arabia during February 2020. I’m not acquainted with travel requirements of Saudi Arabia. Please advise about the visa procedure and whether I can move freely in the country.

Saudi Arabia has recently started granting Tourist Visas and February will be a good time to visit the country. You will need to submit all necessary documents at the Saudi embassy and on confirmation, you will be granted a sticker visa which will allow you to travel easily within the country.

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