An unlucky voter will have some explaining to do to their partner – after losing their wedding ring in a ballot box.

Trafford Council, in Greater Manchester, is hoping to reunite the owner with the jewellery, which was uncovered during the count this evening.

It was found in a box collected from Cloverlea Primary School, the authority said.

The authority has not given any detail about the ring.

Posting on Twitter , Trafford Council wrote: “We’ve found a wedding ring in one of our ballot boxes! It was found in the Cloverlea Primary School ballot box, Hale Barns.

“If it’s yours please call Access Trafford on 0161 912 2000 so we can reunite you with it!”

The ring was discovered inside a ballot box in Trafford

Depressingly an exit poll has predicted Boris Johnson’s Tories will win a majority of more than 80.

The joint Sky/BBC/ITV poll forecast Boris Johnson is on course to win an overall majority of 86 in the House of Commons.

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General election results 2019

This will be the biggest victory for the party since Margaret Thatcher’s in 1987.

According to the exit poll, the Tories could return 368 MPs to Westminster, with 191 for Labour .

The SNP were tipped to win 55 seats, Lib Dems 13 seats, Plaid Cymru 3, Greens one seat and others 19.

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