There were four main characters in Pretty Little Liars: Spencer Hastings, the smart one of the group, who liked things preppy and polished; Emily Fields, the athlete of the group with a super soft side; Hanna Marin, the fashionista of the group and the one who had both bold and blonde moments; and Aria Montgomery, the artistic one of the group, who showed off her creativity in everything from her writing and photography to her outfits.

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And over the years, she certainly gave the world some very memorable outfits! While it was tough to narrow down the best, it has been done; these are Aria’s 10 most stylish PLL moments. 

10 Brown Skirt & Skull Top

aria montgomery

This first outfit sums up Aria’s style well, as she had cute and flirty pieces, edgy and dramatic pieces and unique and quirky pieces. The skirt that is pictured here is the main attraction, with its leather-like material and brown pleats. It could have easily gone with many things in her closet.

She paired it with a skull top, and as usual, she has lots of neat accessories, such as jewelry and a large purse.

9 Animal Print Sweater

aria sweater

Aria loved animal print, and one time she wore it in a very memorable way came later on in the series; this bright and bold sweater is very her!

The colors and the print give it a sort of ’80s vibe, and she wore it with some black pleather pants. Once again, the accessories are on point, as there are chains on her shoes and studs on her purse (pictured on the table next to her). Yes, she had lots of funky sweaters, but this was a fan fave.

8  Animal & Stripes

Another very important animal print moment came with an additional print, as this chick was not afraid to mix colors and styles and materials.

The first piece was a white blazer with stripes on it. The second piece was a skirt with a leopard print on it. Underneath, she wore a pink tee that also had animal print on it. Then, as she did, she loaded the outfit up with numerous accessories, as well!

7 Ruffles & Midriff

aria clothes

Early in the TV show, Aria gave the world this iconic outfit. This could be a top that is made to look like two, or it could be a crop top sweater over a ruffled shirt. Either way, it combines that girliness and edginess again, as this character did so well. On the bottom, Aria opted for a denim skirt, and to finish it all off, she added a couple of necklaces, a belt, and another big bag. Yes, this is another that many remember and enjoy.

6 The Harness

aria fashion

Some of Aria’s looks may have been too out there for some, but she rocked them all in the best way possible! One such outfit involved a harness-like accessory that not everyone would be able to pull off like she did. 

First, she put on a black blouse that had stud details, along with a flouncy gray skirt. Then, the cherry on top was this piece that acted as suspenders and a necklace and a belt and so much more!

5 Comic Book Dress

comic book dress pll

This girl had tons of cute dresses in her closet, and one of the most notable examples was covered in a comic book print! Yes, the vivid colors and speech bubbles and cartoons seen in this art style were put onto a fun and flirty dress, which this character then wore. 

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It even had this cool mesh part in the front, to show a little skin, as well as puffy sleeves, for another nod to the 1980s. And she also carried a yellow purse, for yet another pop of color. This dress is particularly fitting, since this actress, Lucy Hale, will be starring in Katy Keene next year.

4 Officiant Dress

aria bow dress

When Aria’s parents remarried, she officiated their wedding. It was a small ceremony that was held in the backyard, but it was still an important event! Therefore, this outfit was the right choice.

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There was lace, which is elegant. There was black and white, which are both classy. There was a bow, which is girly. And overall, it definitely looked like what Aria would wear if she were taking the place of a priest.

3 Wedding Dress

aria's wedding dress

This character was actually seen in a few wedding gowns; she modeled one, she got dressed in one for a ceremony that was delayed by A, and then she wore this short dress when actually and finally tying the knot with Ezra. 

Now, there are definite vibes from the ’60s, with the cut and fit of this piece. There is a boho feel, with the material, and once again, it is so her in all the right ways, as well as perfect for this short and sweet wedding.

2 Black & Edgy

aria's black dress

Since these girls were in high school, there were several functions, such as prom, that required formal wear, and two of Aria’s choices have made the list. First, there was this black and edgy one. 

It was a bubble dress, with a full and flirty skirt and an accentuated waist. At the top, there was layering, there were studs, and there were these amazing sleeves that had caps and chains. Aria certainly knew how to bring the drama, and she did it best in this moment. 

1 Sweet & Princess-y

aria prom

Last but not least, there was her Snow White gown. This was at the end of their high school career, when they went out with a bang; they found out who A was, but they also had their own mini prom, with a fairy tale theme. All of the choices were quite memorable, but Aria’s stands out in a special way.

She put her own creative twist on a classic story, and she looks a lot like this princess, with her fair skin and dark hair. This one is legendary!

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