Brad Pitt Jennifer Aniston


The Friends star memorably pulled off an impromptu wedding back in 2015 when she used the ruse of her ex Justin Theroux’s birthday party to surprise their guests and get married on the spot. Jen and Brad have been repeatedly linked since he attended her 50th birthday bash this year – and his presence at the Christmas party set ‘tongues wagging’ that Jen may be about to repeat the stunt.

“Everyone knows Jen loves to surprise her friends after secretly disguising her wedding to Justin as his birthday bash,” the source told New Idea.

“Brad’s attendance at the party had tongues wagging that history could be repeating itself and having her friends gather together could be the perfect moment to make her and Brad’s reunion official and celebrate.”

Brad Pitt Jennifer Aniston


According to the source, the festive season gathering could have been the perfect backdrop for Jen and Brad to make things official – especially since it was Brad’s birthday only a few days later.

“Jen’s made no secret of wanting to re-marry Brad and knows this would have been the perfect opportunity to do it in secret, surrounded by her loved ones without creating the spectacle and media furore their first nuptials did,” the source reveals.

The source added that Jen has “made a string of thinly veiled hints she could have been planning to tie the knot again”. She has even reportedly been taking meetings with designers from the fashion house Oscar de la Renta, whose bridal gowns she’s previously gushed about.

Until now, the reunited couple have been publicly tight-lipped about a potential reunion.

Brad Pitt Jennifer Aniston


However, Brad’s presence at Jen’s party among their high-profile friends and industry colleagues was all but confirmation that they were ready to let everyone around them in on their happy news.

Brad and Jen are set to continue celebrating into the new year ahead of their appearance at the Golden Globes on January 6.

With both megastars confirmed to attend the high-profile awards ceremony, all eyes will be on the former married couple to see if they publicly reunite on the red carpet. The stars appear to be aligning for Jen and Brad to make an official return as a united duo – but will it be as newlyweds?

“All Jen wants is to be Mrs Pitt again and to start the new year off as his wife,” the source says. “The Christmas party would have been the perfect disguise to make her dream happen with the utmost privacy and discretion.”

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