Princess Beatrice, 31, and Italian property developer Edoardo Mapelli Mozzi, 36, announced their engagement in October. While details about their royal wedding are being kept under wraps a date is expected to be announced in January. The couple is said to be planning a royal wedding for June when the weather is finer.

The Queen’s favourite week of the year is Royal Ascot which starts on June 16 and it is understood the royal wedding will be held before this to avoid a clash.

A source told the Mail on Sunday: “Bea and Edo will finally announce their wedding date in the second week of January.

“The date has been described as ‘early summer’, just before the summer social season kicks off.”

Spring is an extremely popular time of year of weddings and with good reason, according to one expert.

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From flowers coming into bloom to the “renewed energy” of the season there are dozens of pros to getting married in June.

Wedding planner and CEO of Taylor Lynn Corporation ( Liz Taylor told “Spring is a wonderful time to get married.

“There is a renewed energy in the season after the dark winter months– with a shift to bright garden flowers such as tulips, hyacinth, peonies and daffodils.

“They bring a splash of colour to wedding bouquets and yet, a delicacy that is a nod to the romance of the day.”

She added: “Brighter colours such as hues of pink, yellow and green are popular.

“From the palest shades of baby pink, lemon and mint, through to deep fuchsia, rich gold and forest greens.

“The weather also starts improving in June, or so we hope!”

According to Ms Taylor, the royal couple may wish to make the most of longer daylight hours and sunshine because it makes for better wedding photographs.

Ms Taylor added: “The days are longer which allows for more outdoor aspects to a wedding – which the Royal couple may embrace with a marquee in the grounds of the family home, or an outdoor party in the evening.

“Photos, of course, will be key to the couple.

“June provides better light and more interesting photography options outdoors, both in the romantic morning mist and the fabulous evening sunset.”

While Beatrice and Edo are said to be planning a low-key royal wedding there is a chance fans will come out to see their journey to church.

Ms Taylor said: “For the Royal couple, in particular, the warmer weather will also encourage crowds to gather and see them on their journey to the Church of course; a big aspect to any Royal wedding.”

According to Ms Taylor, the mythological connotations of June could also appeal to the couple.

She said: “There is also a historical influence on getting married in June as the month is named after the Roman goddess Juno – the goddess of marriage and a divine protectress of women who is associated with fertility and love.

“A prelude of what is to come perhaps!”

Where will the royal wedding take place?

While a wedding venue is yet to be confirmed there is speculation the couple could choose to tie the knot in Edo’s native Italy in order to avoid the media storm which has engulfed Prince Andrew in recent weeks.

Royal expert Angella Mollard said: “I think we could very well potentially see the wedding in Italy which is where her fiancé family are based.

“It is hard to know. Weddings of royal brides traditionally happen in England.

“But under these circumstances would an Italian wedding work out better.

“If it was me I would be opting for that choice.”

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