Tyson Zahner went live on social media to explain why most small business advertising efforts fail and to reveal a key advertising strategy that fixes the issue. The marketing mastermind shared his expertise just in time for small business owners to implement the information in their New Year’s marketing strategies.

JACKSON, Mo., Dec. 30, 2019 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ — Tyson Zahner, marketing expert and mastermind behind Attract 100 Leads in 30 Days, recently went live on social media to reveal why most small business owners fail at advertising and how to fix it. Zahner shared this key advertising strategy just in time for small-business owners to implement it into their New Year’s marketing plans.

Zahner was inspired to share his expertise after attending a holiday parade in his hometown of Jackson, Missouri. The parade was filled with numerous floats advertising small businesses. While observing the floats, Zahner noticed that virtually all of them were making a common, fatal mistake: they were simply listing the name and number of their business. Zahner said of these businesses, “They think advertising is ‘I just want to get my name out there.’ The bad news is that is not enough.” Why does this strategy fall short? Because those attending a holiday parade are not thinking “I need to write down so-and-so’s number.” Consequently, the advertisement falls on deaf ears. Zahner said the marketing strategy of “If we can just get our name out there, so people know we exist—that is good advertising,” does not fit the available audience.

Out of all the floats, Zahner noticed only one that was using a successful marketing strategy. A float for a pizza parlour was offering an actual incentive—free pizza for kids at the parlour after the parade. The crucial difference, according to Zahner, was that the pizza parlour “made a compelling offer to get people in the door.” Zahner explained, “the goal of your advertising is to get someone to take action. To get someone in the door.” The way to attract potential customers to your business is “with a compelling offer. Usually a low-commitment first step…” The pizza parlour was doing just that—making a compelling, low-commitment offer. According to Zahner, your offer “will make all the difference in the world.” Zahner recommends implementing a compelling offer to your target audience to boost your marketing efforts in the 2020 New Year.

Zahner then revealed one crucial caveat: you must target the right audience. Zahner said, “If you’re putting your offer in front of the wrong audience, it’s going to fall flat.” Who goes to a parade? Families with kids. More specifically, families with kids who might all be hungry after attending a parade. Therefore the pizza parlour was using the right offer and targeting the right audience. Zahner said, “If you do not target the right people for your offer, it’s not going to matter.”

Zahner offers a free web seminar on how to successfully find a target audience and implement an advertising strategy. This seminar teaches three key steps: where to find the perfect target audience, how to craft the right type of messages, and how to convert your leads into sales. These seminars also reveal how using a common online platform like Facebook can be enough to implement a successful advertising strategy.

About Tyson Zahner:
Tyson Zahner is a marketing and automation specialist who is well known for his programs helping entrepreneurs generate better traffic, sales, and leads. His most popular program is Attract 100 Leads in 30 Days. He is also the owner of a successful photography studio, Tyson Zahner Photography, which specializes in wedding photography, high school senior photography, and family portraits. Through his website Tyson Zahner Co, he also works to raise awareness for foster children in need of adoption. He lives in Missouri with his wife, Rachel, and their two children.


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