HOBOKEN, NJ – The “Real Housewives of New Jersey” cast continued their hair-pulling, baby-making, fighting frenzy on Jan. 1, 2020, with Episode 8 of Season 10, making it clear the series has lasted longer than some reality show cast members’ marriages.

In this episode, Joe Gorga and Melissa Gorga (of Montville) discuss having a fourth child since she’s 40 and time is running out. Their daughter Antonia, 13, says, “No. You barely can handle all of us.” Good advice! Joe replies that they’ll decide no matter what the kids say. Joe’s got enough of an ego, he’ll probably want four more kids in his image. Antonia says Melissa already had her tubes tied. Melissa replies simply, “It doesn’t mean I can’t put one inside me. The stork does technically come.” Oh really? That kind of “stork” does not come cheap. She better pray that the “stork” is in network with “Horizon Blue Cross.”

The Gorgas head out to Scoop House ice cream in Boonton to discuss the matter. Considering what they’re contemplating, they better get used to Rocky Road.

But there’s someone in the cast who can help. Perhaps Melissa can see high-risk gyno Dr. David Principe, who’s dating Dolores Catania on the show. He had a bit part in this episode when Dolores said she was happy with how the relationship is going, but should have given a better answer when her dad asked him about his intentions. (You can catch up on their relationship here.)

Meanwhile, in the highlight, or lowlight of the show, Theresa Giudice and Joe Guiduce can’t stop fighting on the phone when he calls from ICE custody. Just a question: Has anyone’s life actually improved due to being on a reality show? Fame isn’t much of a tradeoff for ending up with ICE. Look at Michael “The Situation” Sorrentino from “Jersey Shore,” who spent time in jail. To be fair, as Patch.com reported last week, he’s not got a nice new house in Holmdel. Why would he want to live in the center of Central Jersey, though? Holmdel has good schools; maybe the stork is going to put something in his belly.

So back to the Giudices: Theresa reveals that a week before she married Joe, he asked her to sign a prenuptial agreement. She didn’t want to sign a prenup, but — she says — she’s from an Italian family and “It’s an embarrassing thing to call off a wedding.” Yeah? Know what else is embarrassing? All of THIS!

Joe replies, “I didn’t want to get married.” Oh yeah, THAT too.

But she had the last word — she told him to put in that it’s invalid if he cheats.

The fighting all started because Joe Giudice complains that Theresa and daughter Gia, now a Rutgers student (good going, Gia!) are dress shopping. He says Theresa spends too much money: “Your mother is like Robin Hood; she takes from her husband and spends it on the stores.” With that command of English lit, he clearly should get to stay here. Gia is tired of the fighting and being in the middle. Those of us who remember our parents’ split-ups understand. And back in the day, Mom or Dad couldn’t just take their phone into another room to talk — it was connected to the wall with a pterodactyl tail or whatever it was they had back then.

Take heart, Gia. You’ll survive. Many of us did.

Then, in the “Hair Pull Heard Around New Jersey,” Danielle Straub and Margaret Josephs start fighting. Danielle calls her “Trout Mouth.” Pretty good insult, right up there with Tamra Barney calling Alexis Belolino “Jesus J–s” from “Real Housewives of O.C.” a few seasons ago. Who writes this stuff?

Danielle pulls Margaret’s hair. That’s gotta hurt. Maybe Margaret and Theresa can go buy some extensions together and not tell Joe Giudice.

Watch or the next episode and season finale on Jan. 8, and come back here for a recap straight from Hoboken.


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