“A massive wait between the ceremony and the meal. Too easy to accidentally drink too much on an empty stomach. I had one once where it was four hours between ceremony and food, nowhere to sit and a paid bar. Not against a paid bar but there wasn’t even a couple of glasses of bubbles on offer before you started buying your own. I was wasted and exhausted by dinner time.”

“I always hate the best man. I swear I don’t know where grooms get these dropkicks from? Why is the best man always a douche? Why does he think he’s so funny? Why is he wasting my time? The best man is literally the worst man. Like, I don’t care about the time Robbo got so drunk he did blah.”

“I second a long wait between ceremony and reception – particularly if there’s nothing to do.”

“The other annoying thing is… what do you do between the ceremony and reception? That’s usually when the couple and wedding party are taking photos. So you’re all dressed up and like… what now?”

“Yeah, when the photos take ages and you feel like a spare part.”

“It’s like… here I am, I got all glammed up for you and your wedding and I’m now a houseplant.”

Listen: All your wedding questions answered in one place – from what to do if you feel overwhelmed to how to handle hating the ring. Post continues after podcast.

The most loved wedding trends of 2019.

Good Food

Ahhh delicious food, one thing we can unanimously agree is a must-have at any wedding.

Dessert stations

This is perhaps a bit more of a recent addition to weddings, but it’s proving to be quite popular: Dessert stations were one of the top-rated wedding trends of 2019.

Food trucks

Erm, we’re sensing a theme here… A whopping 31.8% said food trucks were very much appreciated, thank you.

Performances from family and friends

If you know someone getting married, it’s time for your inner Beyonce to come out: performances by family and friends got a thumbs up from respondents.

The Mamamia team share their favourite parts of a wedding:

“I love the party part of it, where everyone is there to celebrate one thing, everyone always has a good dance even if they wouldn’t normally and it’s just a good vibe.”

“I love weddings! It’s a celebration of love at its core, and that’s bloody great. Seeing two people get all gooey and share their relationship with their nearest and dearest (and usually fork out and make it look pretty spesh for you) is a great way to spend a night.”

“I get gushy seeing my friends/family all happy in love and making a huge commitment. Also seeing their families beaming with pride always gets me.”

“I love the moment you first see the bride at the top of the aisle and looking to see the groom’s reaction.”

“I also enjoy weddings that have some kind of ‘day after’ event. I’ve been to two where everyone has had lunch and ‘recovery drinks’ the next day and the hangover camaraderie, drinking and socialising, without all the pressure and set schedule, is just the best.”

“I love when a bride has both their mum and their dad walk them down the aisle… it feels much more modern and a little less ‘male owns woman then passes off to another male to own’.”

Wedding trends for 2020:

Two-piece gowns

Influencer Steph Claire Smith (now Stephanie Miller), married in a two-piece ensemble and we’re going to see a lot more of them throughout the year.

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