Fans praise bride who stands her ground when it came to finding out her perfect dress for the wedding, instead of being worried about what people would think about it on, ‘Say Yes to the Dress America’. 

‘Say Yes to the Dress America’ is a brand new 10-part series that will feature 52 couples who will gather at Bethesda Fountain in New York’s Central Park and get married while Randy Fenoli officiates their wedding.

There will be 52 brides and grooms one from each state of America plus Washington DC and Puerto Rico. Each bride will get a trip to New York, a private shopping spree at Kleinfeld Bridal. They will be gifted a wedding gown, carefully selected, a pre-wedding reception and a group wedding. While two brides were introduced to us during this week’s episode, only one amongst them will be featured in the massive wedding ceremony. 

Though Dana isn’t that bride, fans praised her for not being worried about what her family members and the guests will think of the dress she chose to walk down the aisle. Dana was one of the brides who walked into the bridal salon looking for the perfect dress for her wedding. Her budget was around $3,000-5,000 but she was willing to stretch to $8,000.

The dress Dana had her eye on was a gorgeous one designed by Pnina Tornai, but sadly it costs around $21,000-22,000. Hailing from New Jersey, Dana is getting married into an orthodox Greek family who isn’t in favor of her tattoos. Though she loves them, her bridal party who came along with her weren’t too keen on letting it be shown. 

They wanted her to hide her tattoos at the back so no one at church would talk about it when she walks down the aisle. But Dana, on the other hand, doesn’t worry about the tattoos and is ready to try on anything, even if that means going against the wish of everyone. As much as she tried to look t it from their point of view, in the end, she decided that it is her wedding and her back. She gets to choose her wedding dress. 

The first dress she tried on was a stunning mermaid dress that was filled with bling from head to toe. While she looked beautiful in it, she was reminded that it looked similar to her engagement dress, so she decided to opt for something else not too blingy. Right enough they found her a pure white dress that had floral work on it. 

While the dress looked stunning and breathtaking, sadly it was an open back that showed off Dana’s tattoos that her family was against showing. But that didn’t stop her, she still wore it on to show her family. Walking out with the dress on, they were all taken aback. As much as they loved her dress, they were searching for options to hide her back. Right in time, Pnina herself walks in and opts that maybe she could wear a layered veil during the ceremony at church, and when she heads on to the reception, she could remove it and show off her tattoos. 

Though this ends well, and everyone is happy. Fans took to Twitter sharing their love for Dana and her decision to stand her ground and not give up. Because it is her wedding and her back. 

“So happy that this bride of #SayYestotheDress is standing her ground. Who gives a damn who likes your tattoos. It isn’t their wedding!!! #SYTTD,” wrote a fan. Adding to that another said, “Dana , girl get your dress..#SYTTD.” 

“im watching say yes to the dress and this lady had tatts on her back n everyone was talking abt how her husband to be HATES them and i??? WHY,” wrote a fan. While another said, “this girl’s family on say yes to the dress is all up in arms cause her back tattoos are showing like sisters…….. it’s 2020.”

‘Say Yes to the Dress: America’ airs every Saturday night only on TLC. Check your local listings for more information.

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