Here are a few eco-friendly trends which can be adopted for going green at weddings. Read on.

With growing decrease in the environment’s health, it is extremely important to cater ways to protect it, and every industry should take equal responsibility in developing an eco-friendly work environment and system. As per reports, the wedding industry is second in list of generating large revenue numbers and a huge market share. Therefore, wedding industry offers a great source of opportunity for envisaging an eco-friendly culture and position in the market.

Here are a few Eco-friendly trends which can be adopted for going green at weddings:

Keep things Biodegradable:

Disposable and biodegradable vessels and utensils can pose as a great way to stay organic. The same can be recycled easily contributing to a little less waste on the planet!

Pick a Sustainable Wedding Venue:

Weddings are enhanced by the décor, but what if the venues hold a beauty of their own? Venues with greenery all around and good view require less décor work, saving you a large share of money and incubating a sustainable aura around.

Flowers-Grown not flown:

A huge proportion of flowers are grown in different countries and are then, imported. How on earth do they survive the travel? Well, using several potent chemicals and genetic engineering for reducing the flowers’ smell to preserve their shelf-life is not rocket science these days. Therefore, it is always better if you ask your florist about in-season and local flowers to maintain the freshness and importantly, best quality. Also, it is a great way to make a connection directly with the flowers’ grower and maker.

Glow with candlelight:

Are clothes, jewellery, and catering already exceeding your wedding budget? Wait! We have a great way to pacify your electricity bills. Have you ever thought of decorating your venue with candles all over? It will look amazing. You will have a gala time at your function by saving electricity, a total win-win situation!

Catering-Zero Waste:

We all know that there is a lot of leftover at weddings, either food from people’s plates,  alcohol bottles, or disposables. It is your duty to check how your venue approaches to these issues; does the venue prefer composting the leftovers, or do they believe in donating the same to the needy. Because food should never be wasted.

It’s time we think of bringing sustainable elements in the wedding events, and let’s get the best of both worlds by fusing fancy and fair!

(The article is contributed by Anjali Hans, Apeejay Institute of Mass Communication)

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