A new wedding era has heralded it seems with intimate and virtual weddings. Wedding expert Jagnoor Aneja opened up on the same.

Coronavirus pandemic and the subsequent lockdown have changed our lives and the impact will loom for many years. Several industries and sectors are hit and a wedding is one of them. It is also a big hurdle on the way to matrimony as several couples who were about to get married were left confused as they had already started their preparations for their grand wedding. Many decided to postpone their weddings while several chose to get married in an intimate ceremony. Instead of big fat weddings, going for simple and downsized small affair and donating their wedding savings for the causes are the new normal. 

A new wedding era has been heralded it seems. And with uncertainty and with reports of pandemic scare not ending anytime soon, people are shunning the grand procession, decorations, firecrackers, feasts & other frills. New wedding norms are masks, sanitizers, social distancing norms with only immediate family in attendance. Several couples are leveraging tech and getting married with their parents and friends looking on virtually.  We asked Wedding expert Jagnoor Aneja to reveal some tips for those who are getting married soon, planning a virtual wedding, and how has the lockdown changed the wedding sector at large. 

1. Now that slowly unlock phase has started, can you share some tips for those who are getting married post lockdown era?

Gradually things are becoming better and coming back to the track, still, I would recommend for simple, cherishable, and intimate wedding. But that is completely a personal choice. No matter how grand or intimate ceremonies you will go for, just make sure to follow all the social distancing norms with masks, sanitizer, and other essentials on as we all are going through a very tough and crucial phase. Though everything is in the unlocking phase, still we are in danger and high risk. Marriage is such a blissful journey that two souls and two families live and enjoy together. So the number of attendees shouldn’t be a big matter of concern. A simple wedding can be as special and indelible as a big fat wedding. Minimalism is the new normal!

2. Tips for those who are having a virtual wedding or planning to?

It’s doubtless that virtual weddings can be a great option in these tough times as one doesn’t need to put their wedding and dreams on hold and can host it on the actual date. Live streaming wedding is the most exciting and trendiest way to do, where one can avoid a large number of guest count and it is budget-friendly as well. 

These days we have plenty of options like Skype, Zoom, Facebook Google Hangouts, or FaceTime to host a virtual wedding. In fact, there are various matrimonial sites that offer virtual wedding streaming too. 

However its a very unique way of a wedding, but you don’t have to restrict your dreamy wedding plans. You can dress up like the way you always wanted to do, can do the dance moves that you had planned, can do the self decorations, can be your own makeup artist, and in fact, you can hire an online musician, a band or a DJ as well. Just remember one thing that your wedding speaks your personality and style. You can add your own tadka to your wedding which will surely turn out to be the most beautiful and memorable one.

3. How vendors and event management companies looking forward to the post lockdown era?

Wedding is for sure a huge source of income for vendors and event management companies. There are fewer chances of wedding business coming back to track this year as per the current situation. In fact, once the situation gets completely normal, the wedding business will be limited until the wedding season begins. 

4. What are the things and norms that will be now followed by vendors and event management companies?

The companies which have been highly affected by the nationwide lockdown are definitely the event management companies. Thousands of jobs have been axed. But lately and thankfully, the companies have been allowed to restart their services. There are certain norms that they should follow:

-To avoid the public spread, staff should be equipped with hand gloves, sanitizers, and with all the safety protocols.

-Proper hygiene needs to given the utmost attention.

-Social Distancing is mandatory. In fact, they should opt for digital payment methods, to avoid any chances of infection transmission.

-The temperature of every staff member should be checked frequently.

5. Will there will be a surge in weddings in the second half of the year? If yes, how vendors and companies will tackle?

Yes, but not like before. The trend will change. Small weddings with only closed ones will be on priority. Vendors and companies will have to take those adverse times very optimistically.

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