It had been just 20 days since her wedding when her husband and mother-in-law thrashed her and tried to kill her. Shweta (not her real name), a resident of Banaswadi and a law student, may have escaped with her life, but suffered severe injuries on her neck, hands, legs back, and fractured her spinal cord due to the assault.

She has now filed a complaint with the HAL police against her husband Bharath Reddy.

Her father Babu Reddy said they had done a background check and all relatives had vouched for the groom, so they went ahead with the wedding though Shweta was against it.

“We spent crores for the wedding and did everything they asked thinking that they will take good care of our daughter,” Babu Reddy said.

The father now rues that they didn’t pay heed to initial warnings. “After the engagement, my daughter’s friends had told her that the man does not have good behaviour but we thought that they are young and are saying this just to not get married,” he said.

The wedding was on October 30, and on the same night, Bharath is said to have come home drunk. Shweta did not let him come near her so he was upset.

“He came home drunk the next day too and abused her. This continued for three to four days. Then he began assaulting her too. They used to lock her up inside a room and would not let her contact us. They told her that all she has to do is bear a child. They didn’t care about my daughter,” said the father.

They would lock her up inside a room and would not let her contact us. They told her that all she has to do is bear a child. They didn’t care about my daughter ­

–Babu Reddy, victim’s father

On November 19, Bharath and his mother Komalamma seemed to have made up their mind to do away with her. “He attacked her with iron rods and twisted her fingers and arms. He hurt her legs so that she can’t run away. She went to the bathroom and began crying for help. He pulled her by her hair while his mother tried to strangulate her. She managed to call us and inform us about it so her sister and brother-in-law went to her rescue,” Babu Reddy said.

The sister found her with her hands tied up behind her back. He had kicked her several times on her back and her spinal cord is fractured. When Swetha’s sister reached the house, they tried to pass the incident off as her sister had gone crazy and was simply crying and shouting. “It was only after looking at the wounds that we realised that she had been assaulted,” he said.

The family later came to know that Bharath Reddy had been married earlier. Police said that Bharath was an alcoholic and unemployed.

“He would often beat up his own father and he too had filed a complaint with us about it. We have detained the accused and are questioning them,” said a senior police officer.

HAL police have registered a case and have booked them attempt to murder and dowry harassment along with other IPC sections.

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