A bridezilla’s unbelievable “Bridesmaid Contract” has gone viral for all the wrong reasons.

The US bride-to-be shared the list of 37 rules that her bridal party must follow, attracting widespread criticism on Facebook.

The contract bans bridesmaids from gaining more than 3kg before the wedding and states that they must provide a doctor’s note if they miss any pre-wedding event or meeting due to illness.

The rules – listed in full below – also allows the bride to dictate all aspects of the bridal party’s appearance, limit alcohol consumption and bans them from “making advances” towards men at her wedding.

She has also demanded that her bridesmaids save $50 a week for the wedding, provide her a full outline of their seven-day schedule and agree to not “intentionally” fall pregnant in the lead-up to the big day.

While the list has been universally slammed on Facebook, the bride hasn’t backed down.

The contract includes the 'bossy' bride's 37 rules and stipulations. File image.
The contract includes the ‘bossy’ bride’s 37 rules and stipulations. File image. Credit: Getty


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